Best Computer Programming And Coding Courses For Beginners

People used to think that coding was an odd activity. Programmers used to be alone in the room, only interacting with the computer, without the people around them knowing what he or she was doing.

But now it’s a different story. Coding is now a skill that is very much sought after by large companies.

And the fact is, companies are now willing to pay huge amounts of money for people who have coding and programming skills.

Why do you need to learn to code?

It is not wrong if someone thinks that coding is a skill that must be possessed at this time. Whether it’s for the current generation or for the generations to come, it would be great if we all learned the basics of coding.

With us having the ability or a good understanding of coding, we will be able to continue to adapt to the times, which will continue to intersect with technology.

We can already see, we are currently surrounded by many electronic devices. Electronic tools help make our daily lives easier.

But have you ever thought about how these electronic devices work?

As it turns out, electronic devices work because they have been programmed to perform a certain task. Somehow the electronic devices run on code.

We currently live in the modern world, in the era of information technology. We will use the internet a lot. We will continue to be required to be fluent in using computers.

Businesses will also adapt.

In the past, every business had to have an office or shop. Now it is possible that businesses don’t have to have these things.

But instead, businesses or organizations now need to have a website.

And so that the website can run according to the owner’s needs, of course, the website must first be written with code.

So if there is a question: “Should we learn to code?”, the answer is Yes.

Advantages if you have the ability to code.

In the previous section, it was explained how our lives will continue to intersect with technology, especially how the ability to code can affect how we survive in our lives.

And because coding has now become a necessity, of course, this condition has many good effects for anyone involved in this field.

And if you are interested in learning to code, you could be someone who will benefit from it.

Here are some of the advantages if you have good coding skills:

1. People with coding skills have a great job future.

In determining a career, we have to think about two things. The first is how much potential income we can get, and the second is is there a demand for professionals in the field we are working on.

And the good news is, coding answers both of those things.

Above more or less, we have explained how coding affects our lives. And there it seems certain that in the future more and more people or organizations depend on technology, where technology will always be closely related to coding.

There are several professions related to coding such as software developer, database administrator, computer programmer, system and network computer administrator, website developer, and many more.

This situation is also strengthened by accurate data released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It can be seen that starting from 2019, professions related to coding or programming have shown very good developments.

The national average income for all occupations in 2019 was $39,810. And in fact, professions related to coding and programming have income figures far above that average.

The following figures are obtained from BLS:

  • Software developer: $107,510
  • Computer programmer: $86,550
  • Web developer: $73,760

Want to know more? See the data here directly from The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Coding skills can be applied in many fields of work.

There are countless stories where someone learned to code not because they wanted them to have a career in that field.

Personal or business owners can take advantage of their ability to code to automate their work. Reducing work that is repeating the work they often do.

One example is as follows. There is a stock player who has his own strategy in determining when to buy and when to sell. If he does it manually, he will continue to monitor the movement of his shares and buy or sell manually as well. And sometimes like this, he could still miss the opportunities he had planned.

But with coding, it is possible to automate it. He can translate his strategy into code, write it in the software he uses for trading, and the software will automatically do what is ordered according to the code he writes.

So in essence, coding can be used to make tools or software more powerful according to what you want.

On the other hand, we can also use our understanding of coding in jobs where we are not the ones coding ourselves.

Say you are a professional in the field of product development. In the stages you develop the product, of course, you will communicate a lot with many people. And one of them is a programmer or someone who does coding.

Even though you won’t do coding, if you understand how to code mindset well, your discussion on writing code in the product you are developing will run easier.

This makes people with coding skills increasingly sought after by large companies.

Business in the future will continue to be connected with technology.

Even people who study business are expected to have a correct understanding of how to code. This can be seen from the learning topics in business courses. You can see it at the following link: Business courses for beginners.

3. Coding will provide a new understanding of how we solve problems.

In general, people solve problems by putting their emotions first. They use their feelings to solve problems.

This is not wrong. But also not quite true.

Often times when we solve problems with feelings, things become a little more biased or a lot more derivative. Conditions like this sometimes make us feel that a problem is hard to solve.

Coding uses a different approach to solving problems. Coding solves problems logically.

The mindset of coding when faced with complex problems, it considered that the complex problems consisted of several smaller problems.

Coding solves complex problems by breaking down the problem into smaller operations.

Many people think that once they understand coding, they will be able to handle problems more simply. This means a lot to their personal and professional lives.

How should a beginner start programming?

Of course, the reasons people from one another why they learn to code are different. And this ultimately makes the way they learn to code is different too.

The first thing to do is to ask ourselves: “Why would I want to learn to code?”

Be honest with yourself.

Do you want to get better career opportunities? Do you want to get a promotion? Do you want to get a better income? Do you want to do your own website or application project? Or do you just want to add functionality to the device you have?

Your honest answer will also determine which programming language you should learn.

Once you have your answers, you can take these steps to start your learning coding.

1. Read the appropriate book.

Books are a great way to get to know important coding theories.

Of course, there will be tons of books that teach how we can code. You have to choose the one according to your original goal.

One of the drawbacks of studying with books is that you can’t get help if you are stuck with your studies.

Studying with books is great for you to get ideas or concepts. You still need to practice coding as often as possible.

2. Learn to code online.

The existence of the internet today provides many advantages for us.

We can find a lot of knowledge or literacy on the internet.

As simple as you just write down the topic you want to search on a search engine, you can get the information you need in no time.

You can learn from websites that provide learning about coding.

Second, the way you can take it is also to learn through YouTube.

The method is the same as when you search for a website. But here you write the search on YouTube.

You will be treated to lots of video coding learning resources.

The advantage is with YouTube, you can see videos of how experienced people do coding.

And third, you can also learn to code by listening to podcasts.

This podcast is a great learning tool when you can’t be in front of the computer, such as when you are traveling.

Indeed, with podcasts, you will not learn about specific syntax. But you can use podcasts to look for ideas, concepts, and you can even find important theories about coding so that your understanding of code becomes easier.

3. Take courses on coding and programming.

This method is the most effective.

There are times when you will spend money to take a coding or programming course. But by taking the course, your learning to code will be more focused.

What you need to make sure is that you are taking the right course.

And also look for courses that provide experienced mentor experts, so you can jump right in and see how they code.

Also, look for courses that have real-world projects. By joining the project, you will find out how in the field organizations involve coding into their business. Here at the same time, you can find out how the company hopes for someone who can code.

Taking courses in coding or computer programming online can be a solution for beginners.

Because online, people can determine their own course schedule. No need to leave the house, anywhere we can learn about coding or programming.

Online is just a matter of media how we learn to code.

The most important thing is that we find a trusted course provider, and who can provide good services such as providing experienced expert mentors, real-world projects in each course, and last but not least, look for courses that can guide our career journey.

Beginners with no experience don’t mean they can’t learn to code. Taking online courses is one of the answers to accelerating our learning process in the world of coding or computer programming.

Here are the best computer programming and coding courses for beginners.

The list of courses on coding and computer programming here is obtained from Udacity.

Of the many course providers, Udacity provides services in accordance with the points mentioned above. Some of them are the provision of mentors who are experts in their fields and the existence of real-world projects in every course that is held.

In addition, there are special mentoring services for career development.

Taking online courses at the Ucadity Nanodegree program, besides you can improve your skills and competencies in the field of coding and computer programming, you will be assisted in preparing your career journey in that field.

Here are the best computer programming and coding courses for beginners from Udacity:

We recommend services in this article. We are affiliates of these services, and we only choose products or services that we think are appropriate for this article. We will receive a commission if you make a purchase or upgrade through our link. There will be no additional fees for you.

1. Introduction To Programming.

This course is perfect for beginners. Because here later you will start from being acquainted with programming.

This Learn to Code course from Udacity can be your first step into a career in Web and App Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many more.

By having coding skills, you will have the opportunity to enter into many fields of work. Whether you are now a professional who wants to improve your skills or you want to be able to code for a project that you are working on yourself, of course, you must have a strong foundation of programming concepts.

Udacity created this course really for beginners. No coding experience is required to take this course. This course has been proven to provide an effective understanding of coding or programming.

In this course, you will learn basic programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. Along with taking part in real-world projects, you will learn how a programmer thinks about solving problems.

So if you are a beginner, and you have no experience in coding, you should definitely consider this Introduction To Programming course.

2. Introduction To Cybersecurity.

To get to know more about the world of programming, you also have to understand how the security system in cyberspace.

When you code, you also have to think about how secure the system you are building is.

This course can be your starting point in understanding the development of the world of cybersecurity. You will be given fundamental skills in evaluating, maintaining, and monitoring the security of computer systems.

Many big businesses are now concerned about Cybersecurity. They are concerned about the security of their big data.

To strengthen data security in business, many companies now want to hire people who understand cybersecurity.

There are so many requests for people who understand this, it is estimated that by 2021 there will be around 3.5 million jobs in cybersecurity that have not been fulfilled.

Udacity has a complete team, including experienced expert mentors, who can teach you the basics of cybersecurity and can prepare you to have a successful career in cybersecurity.

This course can be your introduction to the world of cybersecurity.

3. Agile Software Development.

Following this course, you will be taught how you can direct a top-notch software development team to deliver high-value products.

With this Agile Software Development course from Udacity’s Nanodegree program, you will practice building better products more quickly and efficiently, using the Agile framework.

In the world of software development, Agile has an approach of how to always provide value to users.

And in general, Agile is well known for its ability to build products faster.

The survey proves that a company or organization employs people who understand Agile development with the aim that they can assist in faster product development.

Now is a good time for you to learn Agile development.

It is predicted that the growth in demand for people with Agile skills will continue to increase over the next 10 years with an increase of around 7.3%.

And according to Burning Glass, the average salary of a person with Agile development skills is around $103,000.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to differentiate between well-known Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP, and you will be able to create an environment that encourages high-performance teams, as well as managing iteration planning using Agile techniques.

Not only that, by taking this course you will hopefully be able to create metrics that show the status of the project, and also that you will have the ability to communicate the progress of the project inside and outside the development team.

The company’s need for people who have Agile development skills is still very wide open. Prepare yourself from now on.

4. Android Basics.

We can see for ourselves that now many things are moving to mobile. Creating an Android application is a step that can be taken so that you can adapt to today’s developments.

Why Android?

Android dominates the mobile operating system market. At least Android occupies more than 80% of the entire global share market. This condition makes there are billions of Android users around the world. And this figure continues to increase.

Having the ability to make Android applications is an advantage for someone today.

Udacity created this course in collaboration with Google.

This course is for anyone, even those with no experience in programming so that anyone can become a reliable Android developer.

By taking this Android Basics course from Udacity you will find out what real-world skills are in the field of application development.

Anyone has the opportunity to become a professional Android developer.

Do you want to be one of them?

Enroll in this Udacity Android Basics course.

5. RPA Developer with UiPath.

What you will learn in this course is how you can automate business processes.

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation.

Businesses now tend to leverage RPA, so that workers can focus more on strategic things.

RPA and UiPath are two things that are difficult to separate. To implement RPA, many businesses are choosing to use UiPath.

RPA is the fastest-growing enterprise software market segment, which makes UiPath the fastest growing technology company in 2019.

In this course, you will learn skills to automate processes, master automation techniques using tools such as Excel, Email, and PDF, and develop further automation by implementing the UiPath platform.

Businesses will continue to look for professionals who can apply for RPA.

And if you are looking for good job opportunities that will continue to be in demand for years to come, consider becoming an RPA developer.

Age continues to develop now. And now we have entered the era of information technology.

All the tools we use in our daily lives prove that our lives today are heavily influenced by technology.

And the key is that the tools or systems can work properly according to their function is because the tools have previously been powered by code.

Tools or systems without code will not function properly.

Having the ability to code or programming is currently a highly sought after skill.

There are myriad derivatives of coding or programming.

Ask yourself where you want to focus, and take a course in that field.