Best Product Management Courses Online For All Levels That Will Lead You To A Better Improvement

7 Top Product Management Courses Online: Best Ways To Improve Your Career

In the past, people might not pay much attention to how a product should be “organized” in a business. People are in fact more focused on how to create a new product than on the story behind the product itself. And in fact, product management plays a very important role in achieving a company’s big goals.

Product management spans a wide range of activities within a business. Of course, the company will need people who are experts in this field. Business owners and professionals need to be well versed in product management. Finding and enrolling best product management courses online has proven to be one of the best ways to increase the competence of people who will deal with it later.

Before we continue our discussion of what courses are best for product management, it’s good if we have the same perception first about what product management is.

Not without reason, if we already know the essence of product management, it will also be easier for us to determine what areas in product management we will hone our skills.

You are a business owner or professional, you first need to know where you are now, how big is your business size, and what product management you will need.

A company’s priority scale for product management may differ from one another.

Make sure you take product management courses online that match your priorities. Your accuracy in choosing it will determine the speed in implementing product management and will provide optimal results for the company.

Ok, in the next section we will discuss what product management is, and why product management is now so important for a business.

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What is product management?

Product management is an organizational function within a company (business). The teams that are involved in it will do a lot of things related to new product development, business justification, planning, forecasting, verification, pricing, product launches, and up to the marketing stage (delivery of the new product to the market).

From the brief explanation above, of course, you can also conclude that product management actually consists of two important things, namely product development and the introduction of the new product to the market (product marketing). In some companies, these two things are made separately, depending on the size of the company.

Although later in detail between product development and product marketing will have different tasks, but they have the same goal of maximizing sales results, market share, and company profit figures.

People who are involved in product management in a company will play an active role in the creation of new products starting from the product concept stage itself. From the concept that has been formed then they will start the necessary steps including development, seeing the readiness of the new product, testing, launching to the market, and getting to the determination of commercial steps for the new product.

Product management will also identify products that are not performing well. In this case, it can be in the sense that the product is then eliminated or it can also be developed according to market needs. The easiest thing to find out if a product is still relevant or not is to look at its sales performance.

In practice in the field, product management is usually divided into three parts:

  • Strategic product management.
  • Technical product management.
  • Product marketing (Go-To-Market).

The three parts have their respective duties and they will work together to produce innovative products and products that have the expected profit figures.

The product manager is the person who will be responsible for product management.

That said, the pinnacle of a product management career is being a product manager.

The main task or focus of a product manager is developing a new product. This task starts with analyzing market conditions and then the results are used to determine the features or functions of a new product.

To ensure that the new product is in accordance with market needs, a product manager must always oversee the entire production process of making the product.

It has also been mentioned above that product management is divided into three important parts, namely those related to strategy, technical, and marketing. So it is highly recommended for a product manager to have good skills in analysis, product technical knowledge and development, marketing, and also soft skills such as good communication skills.

Depending on the size of the company, each of the three product management departments may have its own manager. Or if the business is still small, the three parts can be under one product manager.

To get maximum results, it would be better if the parts related to marketing were separated from strategic and technical product management. The Go-To-Market section will be led by a product marketing manager. Some companies have placed this position in the marketing department.

Product managers and product marketing managers have different duties and responsibilities.

>> You can read a more complete difference here: product manager vs product marketing manager.

What is the work of a product manager to fulfill their responsibilities?

The product manager in his role in product management is to create new products, based on accurate data, one of which is from business analytics that have been done previously.

And from this one main task alone it can turn down many job descriptions for a product manager.

The following are examples of the product manager responsibilities that are common in a company:

  • Conduct market research and competition research.
  • Interviews with customers (users) to get new insights.
  • Initiating the product while also determining the improvement of the services.
  • Determine and participate in creating new product specifications.
  • Communicate with related departments within the company.
  • Plan, create, and implement product launch concepts, as well as support, train, and prepare promotional tools (if these marketing efforts are made separate, then this is the responsibility of the product marketing manager).

How can we learn product management online?

The way we learn things now and then has changed. Grateful now that we live in the era of information technology, where now we can get information quickly through the internet (online).

Yes, including that we can learn product management online.

Online is a medium. Although online we do not meet the mentor directly, but without reducing the essence of learning product management itself, you can get related knowledge in the form of literacy, video, or sound.

It’s as easy as you go to a search engine like Google and write down the question about product management you want, in an instant you can get tons of search results about your question.

In the same way, you can go to Youtube, write your question in the search section, and you will be treated to lots of videos about product management.

You are a good listener type, you can take advantage of the latest technological developments known as Podcasts. There are lots of resources you can follow that explain product management. With podcasts, you can listen to a lot of information anytime and anywhere.

However, if you want to focus more on product management, it is advisable not to just look for separate information from the internet. You can consider taking product management courses online.

Make sure you enroll from a trusted online course provider.

Best product management courses online.

Product management is indeed a function that exists in business. But in practice, all product management activities can relate to other things besides business such as data science, marketing (including digital marketing), and also UX (user experience).

The product management courses themselves also have derivatives based on ability levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Make sure you choose an online product management course that fits your abilities and needs. And it could be that the types of online product management courses from one person to another may be different.

What are the recommendations for online courses related to product management? Here is the list:

1. Udacity Product Manager online course.

A product manager is someone who will be responsible for all product management activities in a company.

And it turns out, in the business world in general, product management is one that affects business success. Because here later all decisions related to product strategy will be determined.

With the Udacity Product Manager Online Course, you will learn what things a product manager should master, from how to determine the new product development process to how to deliver the new product to the market.

Skills to be learned:

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Design Sprints
  • and Product Launches

Skill level: Beginner, with an estimated completion time of 4 months.

There are no special prerequisites for enrolling in this course.

2. Udacity UX Designer online course.

The world has changed now. Several aspects of life are now being transformed into digital, including one of them is a product. Today’s products are not only visible physically, but can also be in the form of digital products.

Whatever the product, especially digital products, it is necessary to think about how the product has a good user experience (UX). A good UX will make users feel comfortable in interacting with a product.

With the Udacity UX Designer Online Course, you will learn how to design a good user experience for a product.

Skills to be learned:

  • User Research
  • User Experience
  • Prototyping
  • Interactive Design
  • User Interactive (UI) Design
  • and Usability Testing

Skill level: beginner, with an estimated completion time of 3 months.

There are no special prerequisites for enrolling in this course.

3. Udacity Growth Product Manager online course.

There is a basic difference between a Product Manager and a Growth Product Manager. This online course is held with the aim that a professional Growth Product Manager can really focus on developing his field. It doesn’t overlap with what a Product Manager does.

Growth Product Manager can be regarded as an advanced specialization of Product Manager. While the Product Manager focuses on product success at the customer level, the Growth Product Manager focuses on the success of the business.

In this online product management course, you will learn from designing a strategic growth plan, analyzing price metrics, valuing a business, making growth leaps, designing experiments to increase growth, and learning how to monetize a business (company) continuously.

Skills to be learned:

  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Growth Loops
  • Product Management
  • Activation Metrics
  • Growth Strategy
  • Activation Strategy
  • Product Monetization Strategy
  • Product Monetization Metrics
  • Premium Value
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Experiment Design
  • Target Personas
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • and User Journey Maps.

Skill level: Intermediate, with an estimated completion time of 3 months.

To get better results in taking online courses on how to become a Growth Product Manager, it is expected that you have previous experience as a Product Manager and also have experience in scoping business requirements and KPIs, and can create or process statistical analysis data in Excel or Spreadsheets.

4. Udacity Data Product Manager online course.

As companies become more aware of product management, it turns out that the need for a data product manager has also increased.

With the Udacity Data Product Manager Online Course, you will have the opportunity to further hone your skills in the field of Data Product Management. In this online course, you will learn how to apply and practice building a product with a data science based on a scalable data strategy with the aim of delivering the right user experience at the right time.

Skills to be learned:

  • Data Science
  • Product Management
  • Product Design
  • Data Visualization
  • and User Journey Maps.

Skill level: intermediate, with an estimated completion time of 3 months.

For those who will take this online course, it is recommended that they have previous experience in the field of data analysis and product management.

5. Udacity AI Product Manager online course.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system where with this capability a product can work to imitate how humans do it.

With the development of technology, products are now also made with AI with the aim of delivering business value.

With the Udacity AI Product Manager Online Course, you will be armed with many skills so that you have the advantage to compete in an AI-powered world.

Skills to be learned:

  • AI Products
  • Training ML Products
  • Annotating Datasets
  • Prototyping a Product.

Skill level: Beginner, with an estimated completion time of 2 months.

There are no special prerequisites for enrolling in this course.

6. Udacity Digital Freelancer online course.

Times have changed. The need for digital freelancers is now constantly increasing. Many businesses or companies need qualified professionals, who can deliver great work.

This Digital Freelancer online course from Udacity will equip you with the skills needed to become a successful digital freelancer. Here later you will learn how to market your services to clients, find clients, manage projects, manage client relationships, to create invoices.

Skills to be learned:

  • Portfolio Websites
  • Professional Networking
  • Resumes
  • Social Media Presence
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Service Agreements
  • Freelance Pricing Frameworks
  • Invoicing
  • Brand Design
  • Elevator pitches
  • Formal Written Communication
  • Project management tools
  • and project scoping.

Skill level: Beginner, with an estimated completion time of a month.

To get better learning outcomes, it is recommended to have basic computer skills.

7. Udacity Agile Software Development online course.

Udacity Agile Software Development is one way for you to acquire the skills needed to provide high-value products with the top software development teams.

Skills to be learned:

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • XP
  • and Minimum Viable Products.

Skill level: Beginner, with an estimated completion time of 3 months.

There are no special prerequisites for enrolling in this course.


It is undeniable that product management must now be implemented in all businesses, regardless of whether the product from the business is a physical product or a product that is not physically visible, such as a service or a digital product.

The teams involved in product management will continue to think hard about how to produce innovative products that can answer current market demands.

Product management itself is a function within the company that involves many practices such as determining product strategy, thinking about the technical aspects of the product, and determining the concept of how a new product is introduced to the market.

Of course, of the three important things from product management, there are many job descriptions that must be carried out by a product manager, or other parties who will contribute to it.

From the important aspects above, we see that there are at least seven types of product management courses online that you can consider taking.

The product management courses online in this article are taken from the Udacity Nanodegree program. Indeed, there is no job guarantee after you have finished those courses. However, we see that one of the great values of Udacity is its career support. Udacity will help each student to be better prepared for employment.

Will product management do the coding? Of course, it is likely that there will be coding at one stage of product management. But you need to know, that not a product manager will do it. But coding will be done by programmers or engineers.

Product management has a close relationship with engineering. A product manager cannot work alone. He will work closely with other related people such as engineers, programmers, designers, and also marketers.

Especially for the marketing field, in a company, they usually hold a product marketing manager themselves.

And here there are times when the work of product manager and product marketing manager overlaps. But in essence, they have the same goal, namely together to achieve the company’s big goals, one of which is to increase profits through product strategy.

Are you one of those people who want to be involved in product management? Consider enrolling in the product management courses online above.

Or you still don’t have enough understanding of product management? You can take several free online product management courses here.

And the good news, some of the free online product management courses are provided by Udacity in collaboration with Google. This shows that Udacity really prioritizes quality and strives to provide the best service.

What is certain is that the people involved in product management will have a great future for work.

Hopefully, this article can be one of your references in enriching your competence in the field of product management.

Are you really excited to learn about product management in the near future? Click the button below to find out the nearest schedule for product management courses online class that you can enroll in, and get access to it immediately.

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