Best Ways To Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch

Best Ways To Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch: Courses That Beginners Can Consider Taking It

If you are a beginner, then this little explanation will help you first. Cloud computing is a solution for the digital infrastructure needs of a company or business, where it can save a lot of costs and is also very effective and efficient.

Learning cloud computing from scratch is the best approach to better understand the concept that servers in the cloud can replace what should be built offline. From scratch, it means that you have to understand cloud computing starting from its basic understanding, its advantages, what to learn, to the stages of applying cloud computing.

Who is eligible to study cloud computing?

Everyone, anyone, can and is allowed to learn cloud computing from scratch. Because in the future, digital infrastructure will switch to the cloud. Not only for large-scale companies or agencies, even something personal will eventually take advantage of cloud computing technology.

Beginners, who will learn cloud computing from scratch, here can be interpreted into two groups. They are:

  • Beginners who already have basic computing skills.
  • Beginners with no computing background at all.

Beginners who already have basic computer skills will certainly find it easier to understand cloud computing. But don’t be discouraged if you’re not from a group that already understands the basics of computing. You can still learn cloud computing, from scratch which is the best, because you will start learning from something really basic to the level you can master cloud computing very well.

Beginners who do not yet have basic computing skills may take a little longer time than those who already have them. But in the end, their abilities might even exceed those of people who already have computing skills before.

Cloud computing is easy to learn if we learn from the right sources and with the right learning path. Plus, if we are really enthusiastic about the world of cloud computing, then learning it will be fun.

Whoever you are, but you are passionate about learning cloud computing from scratch, then this article will be perfect for you.

Make sure you read this article to the end. Because at the end of this article you will find insights as well as recommendations where you can learn cloud computing from scratch, from a trusted source.

Cloud computing in a simple sense.

Cloud computing is a solution that allows us to set up all our digital infrastructure needs on the internet (cloud).

You must have experienced where you prepare your personal computer to have adequate storage, which can meet your computing needs. And it is commonplace if the price of a computer with high specifications will be higher than a computer with mediocre quality.

If the example above is only for personal use, of course now you can also imagine what if it was a larger organization that prepared the computing infrastructure. Of course, it will require a lot of effort, and will definitely incur expensive costs as well.

If then there is a solution that offers servers on the internet that can be rented, with a security system that is proven safe and can be accessed without any problems, surely we will consider using it.

One of the advantages of cloud computing from the user’s side is resource and cost savings. We do not need to build computing devices and their derivatives internally, we simply choose the available cloud computing services tailored to our needs, and pay the rent.

The service provider will usually also provide technical support for its users, where users can contact their support if they encounter problems at any time.

What users have to do is only to prepare a computer that has the ability to be able to access the cloud computing service.

Seeing the conditions where now many people are considering using cloud computing, it can be ascertained that the needs of professionals who understand this concept will continue to increase.

Organizations or companies will prepare internal professionals where they will be tasked with ensuring their cloud computing can continue to run smoothly and can make modifications according to their work needs.

Are you a beginner? Now is the perfect time to learn cloud computing from scratch. The future of people who have reliable cloud computing skills is still very bright and wide open.

How to learn cloud computing technologies from scratch.

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As mentioned in the previous section, although we will learn cloud computing from scratch, it is highly recommended if we already have a good understanding of the basics of computing.

It has also been explained previously, how this cloud computing concept can be a solution for individuals, companies, and other bigger organizations to still be able to have computing infrastructure but at a cost that tends to be more efficient, without sacrificing the essence of its computing function itself.

Cloud computing can be learned online. What must be ensured is that we learn it in the right order (learning path), and from a trusted source.

Before we discuss further how the steps in learning cloud computing, of course, there are certain skills that should have been mastered before we dig deeper into cloud computing. Given also that cloud computing is something that is very techy, then we must also have a correct understanding of the knowledge that is around it.

Here are the skills that we must understand from the start before we dive deeper into cloud computing:

  • Programming skills.
  • Familiar with databases.
  • Understand the basics of security and privacy.
  • Understand Agile development.
  • Familiar with the operating systems.
  • Understand the concept of virtualization.
  • Have a good understanding of the basics of networking.

Next, we will try to provide an overview of what must be understood in learning cloud computing from scratch.

Understand the concept of virtualization and cloud.

One of the main prerequisites in learning cloud computing from scratch is understanding the concept of virtualization.

The concept of virtualization will play a very important role in learning and implementing cloud computing concepts from scratch.

Previously, you already knew that the basic concept of cloud computing is setting up a computing infrastructure but in an invisible medium, namely the internet (cloud). Here, of course, our ability to virtualize is needed so that we can build computing infrastructure in the cloud without a hitch.

With virtualization capabilities, it is possible that the cloud and the organization can unify their server areas so that a virtual environment can be created.

Have a good understanding of the basics of cloud computing.

Especially for beginners, especially those who will learn cloud computing from scratch, this learning process will be an adventurous journey.

Some of the basics of cloud computing that can be learned from scratch are:

  • Introduction to cloud computing.
  • Cloud fundamentals concept.
  • AWS console and accessing cloud services.
  • Compute services.
  • Cloud databases and serverless architecture.

And the good news, we can learn the five points above for FREE, through an online cloud computing course provided by Udacity.

Are you interested in starting cloud computing lessons from scratch for free? Then you can consider taking the free online course that Udacity provides on an introduction to cloud computing. Click the link below to see more details.

>> Free online course on introduction to cloud computing.

Understand and have experience in working with Linux and networking.

To be able to understand cloud computing well, some of them are by understanding how the Linux operating system works and also networking. These two things are the basis of cloud computing.

Yes, Linux is an operating system that is closely related to cloud computing. Not without a reason why finally Linux was chosen as the OS that is often used for cloud computing development.

On the IAAS platform and most companies working with web applications and scalable environments choose the Linux operating system.

And even the big players in the cloud computing world like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform, are all built on the Linux concept.

And in some other examples, you may also find that there are platforms that develop environments specifically for Linux such as Docker Software.

The best way to understand Linux when learning cloud computing from scratch is to use this operating system.

Linux is an open-source operating system. You can easily find documentation about it online, either through the website or in the form of videos on YouTube. Or you could also consider taking an online course on Linux.

And the next thing that must be mastered when learning cloud computing from scratch is networking.

It can be said, the network is the unifier of the various servers that exist around the world.

Networking is like glue, which can unite various computing fields. And with networking too, you will be able to understand how different servers in the world can communicate with each other.

So in conclusion, Linux and Networking are two things that cannot be separated, which of course must be mastered when we start learning cloud computing from scratch.

Understand Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

In fact, there are indeed many cloud computing platforms available.

But if we talk about which are the most popular, the first things that come to mind are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

Of the two popular cloud computing platforms, the one that absorbs the most in the market is AWS. AWS was once listed as the leader of the top public cloud providers, taking up about 80% of the existing market.

AWS continues to grow rapidly. There are many different service derivatives of this cloud platform.

It’s a good idea if we can master cloud computing with AWS because there are so many companies using this cloud computing platform. Of course, this can increase our career opportunities in the world of cloud computing.

One of the best ways to understand Amazon Web Services (AWS) as we learn cloud computing from scratch is to take the best online courses on AWS.

>> You can see the recommendations in the following list: Best cloud computing online courses.

Cloud computing learning path from scratch.

This section seems to be the most sought-after by beginners who want to learn cloud computing from scratch.

Not for no reason, because indeed we see, if we search on the internet about cloud computing learning paths, all search results provide different information.

This condition then makes beginners confused in determining their learning path.

Therefore, then we try to do a little research on what is actually a good learning path to learn cloud computing from scratch.

The learning path that we think is good here is obtained from several reliable sources. And it is also strengthened by the existence of online course providers, which only focus on technology and business, using the same learning path concept.

Here is the cloud computing learning path from scratch:

  1. Intro to cloud computing.
  2. Hybrid cloud basics.
  3. Cloud development.
  4. Cloud DevOps.
  5. Cloud-Native Application Architecture.
  6. Cloud development using Microsoft Azure.
  7. Cloud DevOps using Microsoft Azure.
  8. AWS cloud architecture.
  9. Cloud architect using Microsoft Azure.
  10. Cloud computing for business leaders.

Below are the details of each cloud computing learning path above:

Intro to cloud computing.

You are a beginner, of course, you have to understand first what and how cloud computing works.

At this stage, you should be able to understand well the fundamentals of cloud computing. It would also be better if at this stage you can already practice a little using AWS.

At the time of this introduction to cloud computing, try to have a good understanding of the AWS console, compute services, serverless architecture, and cloud databases.

You might consider taking an online course on an introduction to cloud computing.

| Here can be one recommendation >> FREE online course: Introduction to cloud computing from scratch for beginners.

Hybrid cloud basics.

Hybrid cloud is an effort to mix computing, storage, and service environments in a cloud computing platform, whether public or private, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.

In this step, you can learn about the role of a cloud engineer in using software to configure the different components of a private cloud cluster.

| Here, you can learn about hybrid cloud fundamentals through the following online courses for FREE.

By becoming a hybrid cloud engineer, you can have the ability to design, deploy, and manage infrastructure and applications simultaneously in a hybrid cloud.

Together with the IT team, managing applications in a hybrid cloud can support business operations for the better.

| You can prepare yourself to become a hybrid cloud engineer by taking an online course here.

Cloud development.

Cloud development is the foundation for a new world of software development.

By becoming a cloud developer you can develop your skills to enhance your web development career.

At this stage, it is expected to have skills such as mastery of AWS, Microservices, Serverless architecture, and Kubernetes.

| Want to know more about cloud development? Consider taking an online course to become a cloud developer in the cloud computing world.

Cloud DevOps.

A DevOps engineer is needed to operationalize the infrastructure and be able to deliver applications and services in a timely manner.

At this stage, one is expected to have skills such as mastering AWS, configuration management with Ansible, continuous integration, continuous deployment, microservices with Kubernetes, and CloudFormation.

| Do you want to learn Cloud DevOps? You can take an online course to become a Cloud DevOps engineer here.

Cloud-Native Application Architecture.

With a good understanding of this area, it is hoped that you will have good skills in running and managing scalable applications in a cloud-native environment.

At this stage, it is expected to have skills such as understanding microservices architecture, Kubernetes, continuous integration, continuous delivery, message passing, observability, and microservices security.

| Want to study this field? You might consider taking the Cloud Native Application Architecture online course.

Cloud development using Microsoft Azure.

Learning cloud development with Microsoft Azure will allow us to have important skills in cloud computing such as how to deploy, build, migrate, and monitor applications using Azure.

At this stage, it is expected that someone will have skills in the field of virtual machines, app services, microservices, serverless functions, and cloud migration.

| Are you interested in being able to do cloud development? You can consider taking an online course to become a cloud developer using Microsoft Azure here.

Cloud DevOps using Microsoft Azure.

In this step you will learn how to deploy, test, and monitor applications with Azure.

Azure is a cloud service platform that is popular and widely used by businesses around the world.

At this stage, it is expected that someone will have skills such as understanding infrastructure as code, configuration management, Agile planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, test automation, and monitoring.

| You can consider taking a Cloud DevOps online course using Microsoft Azure here.

AWS cloud architecture.

By thoroughly mastering AWS, as an architect, you will have excellent skills in planning, designing, and building secure and highly available cloud infrastructure.

At this stage, it is hoped that someone will have a more detailed understanding of cloud infrastructure, cloud security, AWS, CloudFormation, high availability infrastructure, and serverless computing.

| Do you have experience in cloud computing? You can then consider increasing your competence by taking an online course to become an AWS cloud architect here.

Cloud architect using Microsoft Azure.

Business needs for cloud computing continue to increase.

Azure is one of the cloud computing platforms that businesses around the world continue to use.

By becoming a cloud architect using Microsoft Azure, you can have the ability to translate business needs for reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure.

At this stage, one is expected to have good skills in the fields of Azure security center, Azure resource manager, Azure pricing calculator, Azure key vault, Azure defender, cloud cost policies, cloud cost evaluation, automated cloud cost optimization, privileged identity management, identity, and access management fundamentals, and disaster recovery plans.

| You can learn more about it by taking an online course to become a cloud architect using Microsoft Azure here.

Cloud computing for business leaders.

If you are a business leader, then you need to learn how a leader directs their team to leverage cloud computing together so that a business continues to grow and operate efficiently.

A business leader will have different parameters and views when compared to professionals who are directly related to cloud computing tasks.

A business leader is expected to have skills related to cloud computing such as understanding digital transformation, having good leadership and management, understanding cloud governance models, understanding cloud novel services, being able to make business operations efficient, and being able to build an excellent cloud center.

| Are you a business leader and want to be able to properly oversee cloud computing applications? Consider taking an online cloud computing course for business leaders here.

Conclusion: Why we need to learn cloud computing from scratch.

Cloud computing is the best solution for computing infrastructure development for personal, business, or larger organizations.

The global cloud services market is expected to continue to grow at a rate of approximately 20% annually.

In 2020 alone, it is estimated that there will be a total value of $266 billion in cloud computing, and it is expected that by 2022 there will be 60% more organizations or businesses using public cloud services.

The condition of the continued increase in the use of cloud computing has made the demand for people who are proficient in cloud computing skills also experience a sharp increase.

Many companies are looking for qualified professionals to fill various roles such as being a cloud developer, cloud engineer, to the role of being a cloud architect.

Noted, in general, companies are willing to pay cloud developers starting at around $112,000.

From this little explanation, it can be seen that the work in the field of cloud computing is still very wide open.

You can become a professional in the field of cloud computing by learning it right from scratch, so your ability in the field of cloud computing cannot be doubted.

In this article, you can already find out how to learn cloud computing properly. And for each learning path, there are also links to online courses that you can consider taking.

Be a professional in the field of reliable cloud computing.

You can consider taking a series of online cloud computing courses from beginner to advanced level by clicking the button below.

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