udacity business analytics nanodegree program online course review

Honest Review Of The Business Analytics Online Course From The Udacity Nanodegree Program

Along with the times and technology, the ability to be able to analyze a business has become very important. Through this Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review, it is clearly explained how one can improve his ability to analyze a business and become a reliable business analyst. By combining SQL, Excel, and Tableau, the findings from the business analysis are easier to compile. The resulting solutions and strategies also become more scalable and targeted.

Times are changing. Running a business then and now is different. Now we cannot assume that if the business is already running, it means that the business is already running well. There are many factors that influence a business to run well, efficiently, effectively, and of course optimally.

Analyzing a business can be quite challenging. There are times when we don’t see a thing that turns out to be an important parameter for evaluating a business.

Learning the business better, gathering important data from findings during the appraisal, are things we have to get used to. After we get the findings, it’s time for us to analyze them.

Here later in this Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review, you can see that data is currently a very important asset for businesses.

Using tools such as SQL, Excel, and Tableau can be very helpful in speeding up the work of analyzing the data. The ability to see multiple business scenarios is also easier to do. From the compiled data, we can make data visualizations more accurate and informative.

This online course on Business Analytics from Udacity’s Nanodegree program is not an ordinary course. Because in this course, Udacity provides direct learning from projects in the real world, direct support from experts in their fields, and also services or coaching for career development.

Not many course providers provide such services. Plus the name Udacity is already well-known as a trusted course provider in the field of business and technology, so we shouldn’t have to think much about taking courses from Udacity.

Still, it’s good to know what is behind this Udacity Business Analytics course.

For sure, you have to really consider the three advantages of the service above. Your learning in the business analysis will be easier because you will learn from real examples and get assistance from people who are proven experts in their fields.

There are no specific prerequisites for taking this course. You only need to master basic computer skills such as managing files, using the internet, and running programs on a computer.

The understanding of the material contained in the course can be different from one person to another. This depends on how much the person understands the topics studied in this course.

Committed, focused, and able to complete all the projects in the course on time, in just 3 months you can complete this entire Udacity Business Analytics online course.

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The situation in 2020 is not what was previously imagined. Who would have thought that there would be a virus outbreak, where the conditions would be a blow especially for business.

Humans are actually social creatures, but we are forced to do social distancing.

Businesses that usually interact directly with humans, currently this is not possible.

Businesses must adapt to current conditions.

Business analytics then becomes indispensable.

But in fact, whether there is a pandemic or not, the ability to analyze a business should already be owned by business owners or people who sit in strategic positions in a company.

Good skills in the business analysis will be able to bring a business to a better level. It can even save a business from unexpected situations.

What is business analytics?

Business analytics is all things related to skills, practices, technology, to assess the performance of an existing business.

From that exploration or investigation, we can then get important findings such as what is going on in business or what problems are there in the business. The findings are then compiled to obtain new insights and opportunities that can lead the business to a better future.

Business analytics will focus on important things such as understanding the business and gathering findings data. These findings will then be developed into a new development plan.

The basis of these findings is based on data that is then processed with good statistical methods.

If we talk about statistics, of course, we will have a lot to do with numerical analysis.

Collaborating tools such as SQL, Excel, and Tableau will certainly be very helpful in forming accurate analytical modeling and predictive modeling.

On the basis of good modeling, it is hoped that it can provide suggestions for making decisions on new strategic plans.

To perform business analytics, a competent business analyst is required.

The Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review emphasizes that this online course aims to increase the competence of a business analyst to perform better business analysis.

The business analyst will then understand how the business is, analyze, conduct research, find discrepancies, and collect relevant data. From that data, an analyst will process it and provide recommendations on improvement steps related to what has been done previously or system improvements in the business.

To become a competent business analyst, one needs to upgrade their skills. The skills they need to master are as follows:

  • Communication skills.
  • Able to analyze problems and find solutions.
  • Have the ability to think in detail.
  • Able to think logically.
  • Have high mathematical skills.
  • Be able to make a work plan and be familiar with deadlines.
  • Mastering programming languages ​​such as SQL.

This Udacity Business Analytics online course is one of the business courses online for beginners. Anyone can take this online course.

So you don’t need to worry if you feel that there are skills that you don’t have to become a good business analyst.

You will be taught from the start to become a good business analyst. And even here later you will be taught how to compile data using SQL, Excel, and visualize data using Tableau.

By taking this course, you will be familiarized with the ability to think in business as well as increase your focus on the IT world.

A business analyst will always be closely related to business and IT.

There are no special requirements to join this course. If you are familiar with computers, of course, you can enroll in this Business Analytics course.

Certainly, this course will help you on how to become a reliable business analyst.

The demand for business analysts will continue to increase.

The times have changed a lot. Today we live in the information technology era.

Of course, this condition affects a business. At least 70% of companies are currently starting to apply technology in their business strategies.

This situation causes the demand for business analysts to continue to increase.

A business analyst certainly has certain qualifications or skills that must be met. But in general, those who do best will do these things:

  • Research.
  • Find problems.
  • Find opportunities to improve the business even better.

With competence in the IT world, the presence of business analysts can be an answer to the challenges of this growing business world.

Business analysts will have a different approach from the mindset of people in general.

Enriching ourselves with business analysis skills will certainly be a very useful thing. Whether we are business owners or professionals who will analyze a business, the ability of business analytics will continue to exist along with the development of technology and business.

The career of a business analyst has also looked very promising. You can also include this business analytics course on your resume. Businesses that will work with you will certainly see this as a plus for you. You will certainly appear more competent when compared to other business analyst candidates.

What will you get if you take this one of Udacity’s best courses in Business Analytics?

If you want to take a course, surely you have to know what you will get. And if what you will get matches your expectations, of course, you will immediately enroll in the course.

In this case, we see that the Business Analytics course from one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs is a course that you should consider if you want to become a reliable business analyst.

This course is suitable for beginners entering the world of business. So if you are not too familiar with technical things about business analysis, through this Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review you will notice that later here you will be taught everything from scratch.

And the most important thing about this course is that you will always be accompanied by a mentor and instructor who is an expert in their field, with real-world cases.

So by taking this business analytics course, you will like to practice directly analyzing a business, where the business is also a real business.

The following are the stages of the course:

1. Welcome to Udacity’s course in business analytics.

When you enroll in Udacity’s Business Analytics course, you will immediately gain access to the classroom.

You will meet your instructor, and you will immediately learn how you can use the classrooms provided by Udacity to optimize your business analysis skills.

You can learn how people have been using data to answer challenges in the business world. They have a specific mindset when they collect data to improve their business.

Make sure you put on their hat and think their way.

Here you will continue to be accompanied to hone your business analysis skills. From the examples you can get from the experts, then you can adjust it to what you are analyzing.

By continuing to get used to seeing examples from the real world, you will be able to get your own insights.

At this stage, you will also begin to be taught to translate a data visualization.

You will be treated to interactive data. You will be accustomed to reading data and using that data as a basis for issuing recommendations.

You will be asked to make a report that explains what you got while you were translating the data, including how you finally got to the conclusion from the data you used.

Your work will be reviewed directly by an experienced reviewer. Practicing at this stage will make you accustomed to reading data, finding problems, finding opportunities, and providing recommendations for better business performance improvement.

2. Introduction to data.

This stage is a further stage of using data.

In the previous stages, you were accustomed to seeing data and learning to translate it.

Here you will begin to learn to use statistical data and visualize data to explain the insights you get.

The first thing you will get at this stage is to develop your ability to use Excel.

You will learn how Excel can be used as a tool to analyze, manipulate, and visualize data. You will build a model from the results of the business analysis that you have done in a spreadsheet in Excel.

Here you will start to learn from real cases. You will start learning to analyze data and create statistics from more than 500 companies that are on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). From the 500 data, you will be asked to choose one of them, and you will learn to make financial forecast metrics based on three possible scenarios from the company you chose earlier.

3. Learn to use SQL to analyze data.

SQL is a standard programming language for database relationship management systems. Statements in SQL are used to perform tasks such as updating data or retrieving data from a database.

At this stage, you will learn how SQL can help to extract and analyze data in a database.

Here you will learn to analyze data from a digital music store database. The database includes data about music media, employees, and customers. You’ll learn to query from that database and make recommendations about what types of music are frequently selling, where their customers live, and provide suggestions on how the company could further optimize its business.

4. Create data visualizations.

At this stage, you will learn how good design and visualization principles can have a big impact on communicating data.

You’ll learn to build dashboards, and tell stories with data.

Here later you will use a set of data about flight delays in the US. By using Tableau you will learn to create dashboards, make recommendations, and visualize data based on the quality of airlines and airports, the best time to fly, and much more.

The advantages of taking Udacity Business Analytics online course.

Of the several courses on the other platforms we’ve looked at, this course at Udacity has several advantages that we think you should really consider.

If the course generally uses data samples whose data authenticity is not known, here all stages of the course use real examples from those in the field.

It will be an advantage if you can learn to analyze a real business. Because with real data, of course, you will be more able to feel how to actually analyze a business.

Here are the benefits you can get if you enroll in this Business Analytics course from Udacity:

Learn from real projects and from experts in their fields.

With projects from the real world and learning from well-known companies, it is hoped that you will be able to better understand and master the technological skills that companies in general want.

There is technical support from experienced mentors.

Your learning process will be accompanied by mentors who have competent knowledge.

These mentors will answer all your questions, keep you on the right track while continuing to motivate you to become a reliable business analyst.

There are career services and personal career coaching.

In this Udacity’s Business Analytics course, you’ll get access to career-specific sessions that include advice on interview preparation, Github reviews, how to make a good resume, and professional profiling reviews that can help keep your career growth in the business analytics industry.

You can determine your own course schedule.

Everyone has different activities.

Here later you can get a custom study plan tailored to your busy life. You can get the best learning experience that fits your personal expectations and goals.

What do students have to say about this Udacity Business Analytics course?

People who have taken the Business Analytics course from Udacity’s Nanodegree program gave a score of 4.7 out of 5.

Most of them feel that by taking this course, they can learn about business analysis even better. They get learning experiences from real-world projects, so they can better understand how to analyze a business and provide recommendations for improving business performance.

All business analysts who have taken the Business Analytics course from Udacity review that this course is very worthy to be enrolled. They said that the approach Udacity uses, which uses real-world project examples, has proven to be very helpful in making understanding business analysis easier.

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Conclusion: Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review.

The ability to analyze business is a competency that is currently most sought after.

Businesses actually need someone who can analyze a business.

There is a lot of analysis that must be done in business. Besides you are considering increasing your competence as a marketing analyst, of course, you should also consider increasing your skills in analyzing the business in general.

This situation causes the demand for business analysts to continue to increase.

Of course, for you to be chosen from the many existing business analysts, you must be able to show that you have more abilities.

One way to show that you have more skills is by taking this Business Analytics course from Udacity.

A company that sees your resume in it says that you have taken this Business Analytics course from Udacity, of course, they will consider you more than other candidates.

If you really want to become a reliable business analyst, consider taking this course.

Hopefully, this Udacity Business Analytics Nanodegree review can help you determine which course is good for your career as a business analyst.

You can click on the button below to view more details and download this Udacity Business Analytics online course syllabus.

It doesn’t only take intuition to build a business. We need to arm ourselves with the right business skills.

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