udacity product manager nanodegree review

5 Advantages: Get A Quick Insights Through This Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree Review

Udacity is here to help provide a competent product manager in their field. You can see in this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree course review that someone will have reliable skills starting from making product strategies to launching the new product.

A business must have a product. Along with the development of technology, products are not only physical, but products can also be in the form of a digital product or even a service.

Products can be said to be the core of a business. Every business needs a product for its transactional activities.

The product here has a broad meaning.

In general, we assume that a product is a physical object that shows its form, which is then made into a commodity for the business.

Along with the continuous development of technology and our entry into the era of information technology, the existence of products also develops. Products can now be in digital form.

We take a book as an example. Without diminishing its essence, books can now be in digital form. This new form of the book is commonly referred to as an e-book or electronic book.

If you look at a service company, their product is their service.

A company engaged in finance, one of its products could be accounting consulting.

So, whatever the business is, they definitely offer a product.

The next question is how to produce a good product for a business.

A good product is not only a product that has good quality. Apart from the quality side, a good product is a market-oriented product.

Here it takes a separate carefulness in determining which products are good for business.

We must be able to understand how the market is, find problems (or market expectations of a product), and then we create products that can be a solution to these market expectations.

It doesn’t end here after we determine the product to be made, what we have to think about afterward is how we then bring the product to the market. We have to make sure we deliver our product to the market properly and ensure that the market accepts the product.

This is where the demand for product managers arises.

A product manager is a person who will manage the entire product journey, from product creation to product delivery to the market.

Coupled with technology that continues to develop, the role of product managers in a business is very important.

Product Managers play a critical role in making sure that the right product gets built. This starts by deeply understanding your users and the problems that you are solving for, then working with a number of different teams to identify and build a solution. After launching a product, it’s an amazing feeling when you see people using your product in the real world.

Alex King, Product Manager at Uber.

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The reason why you should become a qualified product manager.

Above, it has been explained how the position as a product manager is now everyone’s dream.

Companies of all kinds, be they small, medium, large, and even startup companies, all now need a product manager.

A product manager is now one of the keys to the success of a business.

Through this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree review, you will see that a good product manager will have the reliable skills to work with relevant teams within the company and will lead to the development of new products. What is certain, by remembering that a good product is able to answer market needs.

The product development process starts from scratch. Research, determine the type of product, design the product, develop the product, launch the product, to the stage of delivering the product to the market.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to be a key leader in product development at a company, then this Udacity Product Manager program is the perfect course for you.

In this Udacity Product Manager online course, you will learn some important things about product development such as:

  • Determine product strategies and their KPIs based on market analysis.
  • Promote a product vision to get support from the right stakeholders.
  • Designing user-centered product prototypes that still fall within the technical boundaries of the production stage.
  • Developing a timeline for its execution based on predetermined priorities.
  • Communicating a product roadmap that can get approval among internal stakeholders within the company.
  • Make a comprehensive plan on product launching to the market based on its KPIs.
  • After the product has been launched to the market, you will be taught how to build a test with the aim of adding value to the product based on existing data on the market.

Product Manager is a very promising job.

At least it has started since 2019 when the job of being a product manager is starting to be in great demand.

The data show the facts of this.

In 2019, LinkedIn noted that Product Manager is one of the top five jobs in LinkedIn’s Most Promising Jobs For 2019.

In fact, this product manager position has become very popular among large companies engaged in technology and is also popular among entrepreneurial startups.

Likewise in the US, Glassdoor released that Product Manager is in the top 4 positions in the 50 Best Jobs In America For 2020.

Being a product manager, you can get a base salary starting at $ 125,000. This is a salary that you can definitely consider.

In addition to data, in the US, between the 2-year span starting in August 2017 to June 2019, Product Management has shown an increase of 32%. This increase was even higher than the increase in jobs in software engineering, which was only 21%.

Read this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree review carefully, and you will find out why you should enroll in this online course.

In this course, there are four important stages or curricula, where from each stage you will be provided with a real-world project that will suit the curriculum you are studying.

As soon as you enroll in this course, you will get access to content related to product management. The length of time you get access to the classroom is according to the subscription you choose.

Udacity predicts that to complete all of the learning in this Product Manager course, each person who registers will only need four months with 10 hours of study each week.

Every time you complete a project, your work will be reviewed directly by experienced mentors at Udacity.

They will provide constructive feedback for your success in becoming a product manager.

During the course, you will continue to be accompanied by an experienced mentor. Even when your project is not completed successfully, they will continue to guide you. You will be asked to resubmit your work until you can actually complete the project according to standards.

Is this Udacity Product Manager course suitable for you?

If you feel that you really want to become a reliable product manager, then this course is for you.

In the curriculum, you will be provided with important lessons that will increase your competence as a product manager.

If you want to learn basic skills in all aspects of product managers such as Growth Product Manager, Data Product Manager, AI Product Manager, and several other product manager programs, then this one of the courses from Udacity’s Nanodegree program is the answer.

This course on being a good product manager is the foundation for another product manager’s derivative program.

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What you will get from this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree online course.

This course is an entry point to other, more specific product management skills.

In this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree review, you will find one point that sets this course apart from the others, namely the direct mentoring of experts, namely product managers who are experienced at Google and Uber.

Those mentors have assisted Udacity in designing this Product Manager course as well.

With their direct experience in the field, this will be an advantage for everyone who enrolls in this course. Surely you will be armed with all the relevant things, according to what the company actually expects from a product manager.

Of course, for every company that reads your resume and sees you have studied in a real-world project and directly mentored by experts in product development, surely your name will take priority over the other candidates.

You should really consider this Udacity Product Manager course.

So, what will you learn in this Udacity Product Manager course?

It has been described above that this course will cover four important things about product development in business.

Of course, those four things must be very well understood by anyone who will be associated with all product development. Especially by a product manager, because he will later lead all activities regarding product development.

The highlight of this course is that it includes case studies from real-world projects.

With real-world case examples, it is hoped that everyone who takes this course will really be able to understand how the stages of product development work in real business.

Here are four points that you will learn in the Udacity Product Manager course:

1. Create a product strategy.

This first thing is often misunderstood by many people.

People, in general, think that making a product strategy is the most correct way of calculating profits and losses.

It is not completely wrong. But it is still only a small part of the overall product strategy.

Of course, the profit or loss will be seen after the product is delivered to the market. If the product can be well accepted by the market, the selling price is more than the cost of the product, of course, the company will benefit from the product.

But the question is how can we know that a product can be well accepted in the market?

This is where the product manager plays a role in determining product strategy.

The selection of the most correct product is based on market research. From this research, we will see insights that may not have been visible so far.

The need for a product must begin with a problem in the market. At this very early stage, you will learn how to identify a problem in the market.

After that, market identification will continue to who the target user is and how big the market size is.

From that research, you will then be guided to create a product that can answer the problems in the market.

Turn the research results into a vision and strategy.

At the end of this course, you will also be taught how to communicate the strategies you have made to people so that they will be interested and willing to invest in your ideas.


In this project, you will try to become a product manager of one of the top four technology companies.

You will be asked to make a presentation on the development of a new product.

You can then choose several business scenarios that have been provided. From the ones you choose, you will first make market research to identify who the target market is and how the market’s size might be obtained from the opportunity to develop this new product.

The end goal of this project is how you compile these analyzes into a promotional offer and present the new product to business stakeholders.

2. Design a product.

In the previous stage, you have learned how to analyze the market and create a product strategy to answer that market’s needs.

At this stage, you will learn how to follow up an idea into a concept, design, user validation phase, and determine product specifications which will then be submitted to engineering for development.

You will be taught how to use a design thinking methodology to explore ideas and then summarize them into a single idea.

Map out the whole concept through prototyping that can solve real users’ problems.


In this project, you will use the problems or opportunities that you got in the previous stages of the course.

In making this sprint design, you will be invited to explore more ideas, determine the most compelling idea among the many ideas, create storyboards and prototypes, conduct user research, refine ideas, and ultimately translate these findings into a final product specification.

3. Develop a product.

The stages here are also important as a basis for you to become a good product manager.

Here you will learn what critical soft skills are needed to manage a product development up to its execution phase.

In the real world, at this stage of product development, you will be closely associated with teams with different tasks and stakeholders. The product manager will then guide them through careful planning and execution.

You will be taught how to manage stakeholder expectations and deal with the risks that may arise and re-prioritize features to tackle challenging requests.


In this project, you will be asked to compile a sprint backlog where the sprint is intended to provide a clear definition of how the stories of users have been prioritized under detailed acceptance criteria.

Refine existing solutions with the API documentation.

Furthermore, you will also be invited to create a map of activity coordination and handle priorities from all stages starting from production issues, resource constraints, feedback from stakeholders, and all requests that arise during product development.

4. Launch the product.

At this stage, you will be taught to make a plan, identify the risks that may occur at launch, and determine ways to minimize those risks during the product launch.

Here, you will start connecting with other teams such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and other divisions that are tied to customer handling when the product is launched.

You will play an active role in the launch of the product. You are also expected to get responses from customers regarding the products launched.

You will use the responses to determine the steps for future product development.


The products that you will bring to the market are products that you have developed in the previous course stages.

In this project, you will be asked to create a pre-launch process, including the identification of risks in launching and mitigation.

Last but not least, here later you will be asked to determine a marketing strategy and pricing strategy.

You will then coordinate with other related teams such as sales and customer support to escort the product to the market.

Manage customer feedback by designing an A/B test to determine the steps required for future product development.

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The advantages of this Udacity Product Manager course.

Maybe you’ve been looking for some other options that can provide courses for product managers.

In this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree review, it is explained that this course has several special things. Here you will actually be mentored by people who are experts in their fields, and you will be introduced to real-world projects.

Of course, with you getting used to real projects, your feel for product development will be more honed.

Following are the benefits that you can get by taking the Product Manager course from the Udacity Nanodegree program:

Conclusion: Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree Review, the right path to becoming an expert in the field of product management in 2022.

Along with the times, the way we do business changes. This includes how we determine which products are good for our business.

This is the reason why the demand for a product manager continues to increase.

Several job search platforms mention the same data.

The job as a product manager has occupied the top positions in several kinds of research that have been conducted in the US and several other countries.

Businesses really need a reliable product manager. Because with a good product strategy, businesses can do a lot of product optimization and can get the benefits the company hopes for.

The aim of this Udacity Product Manager course is to improve one’s competence in product development.

A reliable product manager will definitely be able to find and determine which product is best for the market.

Not only the creation of the product, but a product manager will also think to the extent of how the product can be well accepted in the market.

Courses or training that can directly learn from real-world projects is an advantage in itself. Because with real examples, it is easier for us to understand what often happens about product development in the field.

Do you want to become a reliable product manager and currently need a course to improve your competence in product development? Consider enrolling in this Udacity Product Manager course.

Complete all the lessons and projects in the course, and make sure the Udacity Product Manager course will be on your resume.

Becoming a product manager can be your opening gate to a better future.

Hopefully, this Udacity Product Manager Nanodegree review can be a starting point for your success in pursuing your career in product development.

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